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>> The „Bernward Koch Ensemble“ performs tracks of Bernward Koch’s various records, as well as new songs, with vocals, too;

Bernward Koch – piano, keyboards, percussion
Christiane Boehm – flute, piccolo, percussion
Nina Struve – vocals, bass, guitar, percussion
Christoph Koch – acoustic guitars (12- and 6string), percussion

>>The Brothers are a long-time band, under the name „Bernward Koch & Pablo“ they published the record Picante.
The band performed still tracks from this record, but new songs with vocals, too;

Bernward Koch – piano, keyboards
Nina Struve – vocals, electric guitar
Markus „Hugo“ Schroeder – bass
Christoph Koch – drums

>> The rock-pop band ANDERS was founded in summer 2007, many songs are composed by Bernward Koch,

John Anders – vocals, acoustic guitar
Bernward Koch – piano, keyboards
Anna Schürholz – bassguitar
Sascha Staab – electric guitar
Christoph Koch – drums, 12string ac. guitar

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